Monthly Wrap-Up #17

The first wrap-up for the year 2014. I only read 15 books this month. I read all the books from my assigned TBR except one. I couldn't get into it. I hope I can sooner. These are the books i managed to read. 


I will be reviewing Party Girl for its release day launch event but I assure you it was such an amazing read. Totes recommended for all is fun and sweet moments. I have reviewed Why We Broke Up. I enjoyed reading it. The Archived was such an amazing start to this new world created by Victoria Schwab. I have yet to review it. The sequel Unbound is out. I have to get my hands on it, though. Unhinged was such an excellent sequel to Splintered. I seriously love this take on the infamous Alice. Notable, another Smith High novel. I finished it midnight February but i am just counting it as a Jan read. Ehhe. 


I have only reviewed Shaken Not Stirred. The rest I am planning to review soon. You will see The Deep End of the Sea's review soon for the release day launch event. As for Of Triton I am thinking of doing a combined review. As for Throne of Glass and Hopeless I might do one. Marni Bates' novels are funny and they have these crazy awkward leads and scenarios. Fun fun. Invisible was fun as well. You might have already my review for Evertrue. I don't wanna to talk about it anymore. :(

Was It A Rat I Saw was an interesting book to read. I will be reviewing it as I had gotten a  free copy from the author after entering a giveaway for it. And I would like to review it. I have reviewed both Forced Autonomy and Incubus. Naughts and Crosses will be reviewed soonish.

Leave you wrap-ups behind. I would like to check 'em out.

Happy Reading.

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