Rachel Hollis' Party Girl

Read for Review + A-Z Challenge
Read in Jan' 14
One Question: Why did this book ever end?

Yes, I absolutely adored this book. I was happy. Soo happy. Even now writing about this is making me happy. Oh, I so wish Landon was my freind and I could have face to face convos with her. I befriended Rachel Hollis the minute I was done with this book. Ehehe. Yay. I interacted with her a little bit. She is awweesommee.

This book was amazing. It had an amazing protagonist and interesting side characters and a cute love story. Let's not forget about the ambitious nature of our lead. She was hardworking, intelligent, fun, sweet-- she was AMAZING.

And talking about side characters, let's talk about Brody. Man, man, man. I am soo greedy to know more about Landon and Brody. They were amazing and so cute and sweet. This was Rachel's debut novel and I can't wait to read more from her. I would love it if she keeps writing about Landon and Brody and these characters but even if she doesn't I would like a spin-off. Well, I will be reading anything from her end. And look at that cover. Other than Brody, I also loved Max (Landon's roommate) and Yumi (Landon's office mate)-- they kept things interesting.

I don't want to give too much away because I am on the verge of doing so. I will leave you with the teaser and insist that you read this fantabulous debut.


Happy Reading.
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P.S. I woukd like to thank Ink Slinger PR and author for this reading opportunity.

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