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An outstanding installment to the Shatter Me trilogy. I read it in one sitting. It had all those awesome scenes and revelations that will make you go nooo, ahhhh, ooooh, ohhhhh, yessssssssss and unsatisfied. LOL. Unsatisified in the sense that I would like to see more from this world. I have so many unanswered questions. I want to see how everything happened at the final war scene. I want a spin-off or something. 

This will be spoilerly so if you haven't read the book don't venture further

To say that I am happy will be an understatement. I am extremely, irrevocably, ecstatic over the certain happenings of the book although I am still not satisfied about the other happenings-- I feel we still need to know how everything happened. When Kenji got separated from Juliette-- I want all of them to tell what happened to everyone else and i want to see Warner and Adam and Jamie spend time together. I want to see how they will tell Jamie about being siblings. I want more. I am so happy she ended up with Warner. I am so giddy over that fact. I just really love him. I seriously needed this happy ending. I loved all those Kenji moments and oh man those Adam and Juliette confrontations. 

This book was filled with funny interactions, badassery training sessions, h.o.t moments, final character/personality growths- it was fab. I loved loved loved how Juliette and Kenji were together- i think in this installment their relationship was shown more fully and it made us appreciate what they had going. I had loved Kenji back in the previous installments but this installment made me love him more. I would like a friend like him anytime. He was a very good friend. I read in an interview Tahereh used real life convos she had with her bros for those interactions. That is kinda cool. 

As for Warner, you all know how I freaking love him. I seriously love the guy. And this book, this book, made me go mushy for him more. >_< I can't gush over him more. I am so happy about how the book turned out for Juliette and him. Oh god, those smexy scenes. I think Tahereh is going to win this year's title  for the Sexiest YA Book as well. I felt so sad for him. Juliette became this fierce lady in this installment. It was really cool to see that and how she got aware of where she stands in her life and who and what she wanted.

As for Adam, I felt sad for him this one time but throughout the book and the series- i did not like him. At the time of the first book I was undecided about the team i was on but i don't think i ever liked him. 

This series was a thrlling ride. This installment was such a high with all those tension and heart-wrenching and bittersweet moments.I freaking loved every minute of it. Totes recommended.

I have very many fav passages and whole chapters. So, I dunno how I will be able to pick that one teaser. Gah.


 What did you think of this finale? Do you want a spin-off as well? I don't think I am ready to say goodbye yet. Looking forward to more awesome story telling by Tahereh.

Happy Reading.
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