Over The Weekend II

So, these are the books I read over the weekend. The first two were re-reads. And the last was for the read-a-long.

Read for Birthstones Color Parade

Read in Feb' 14
I had a feeling I had read this book but I had forgotten about it. So, it was good to refresh this one after 3 years I believe. I didn't have goodreads at that time and then i had forgotten all about it. Overwhelmed much.

Anyway, this book is about that unforgiving incident when you have a thing for your best friend's bf and you know that the said bf likes you back- at least you think he does- like you know there was a certain chance that if the said best friend wasn't there- you guys would totally hit it off.

The book is told from Sarah's POV and then there are mild flashbacks that tell us why Sarah is where she is and how she betrays Brianna (well, technically she didn't if you know what i mean (the act actually)), how she realizes where she stands and their relation stands and where Ryan and Sarah stand.

I liked how this whole story was unfolded and it was just sad to see Sarah suffer and she really tried to stop how she felt and all that jazz. I liked Elizabeth Scott's storytelling in this one.


Read for Fun
Read in Feb' 14
I felt like re-reading this title ad I had a fun time reading it. Although I skipped all those Dimitri and Rose romantic scenes cos well, one, i never liked Dimitri, two, i had read all that student and instructor rom in Jennifer L. Armentrout's Covenant books more recently than when i read VA. Although Richelle started it all. I think the movie is going to be perfect.  I sure had missed all that snark and drama and that funness and that intrigue. 


Read for Birthstones Color Parade and group read
Read in Feb' 14
Rating: 3 
So, I don't think i would've read this book so sooner. Cos i remember back in 2013- this book being my WoW. I would have liked to take my time to get to it so i could enjoy it more. I read it for this gr group and well, i think everyone is gushing over the book where as i am like meh... i wanted to give it 3 stars but i ended up giving it 3 stars just cos... 

What i liked about this title:

The pacing: everyone else complained things went by too fast but i actually really liked it.
The cover: i mean look at it.
Ana: I seriously fell in love with her. I am so looking forward to seeing her in the second book. Cos this book had little of her but i think it was enough for me to really like her.
That betrayal: i won't spoil it but i seriously hadn't seen that coming.
That ending: I had flipped pages although it was right there- spelled out for me in those pages but i still was shocked to see that certain someone not go back with them.
The tech: Speaks for itself.
The foster family: I liked how they were together after the hangover and individually as well. (especially Vera)
The genetics: all that DNA stuff- kaboom.

What i didn't like:

Micah: Ugh
The romance: I would have liked it more if they had been friends first and things should have escalated in the next book or something. LOL.
And Something Else: Can't put my finger on it.

So, overall, i was definitely curious about how the story would unfold and that kept me reading even when i should have been sleeping. I wish i could have had all those feels that everyone's talking about. +_v


What book(s) did you read over the weekend?

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