Heather Lyons' The Deep End of the Sea


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Read in Jan' 14

To start things off this was my first Heather Lyons book. I did start reading this novella by her but never got round to finishing it. I am glad I signed up for a review copy for this book as then I would've totally missed out on this unique  portrayal of one of our most beloved and talked about and feared Greek character Medusa.

Lyons' Medusa was such a mystique being and I didn't thing I could fall in love with her more. I was always fascinated by her. And I love the Greek mythology and I haven't read any other take on Medusa so I can't compare it to any other version except the Original and I only know that she had snakes on her head, could turn people to stone and once was the prettiest young beauty out there. So, this version was a refreshing one for me. I mean she has the same characteristics as the Original one obviously, uh, you know what i mean ? I hope! -- But is still unique obviously.

This Medusa aka Dusa by some people (so cute) is a compassionate, sweet, funny, cool, broken yet strong character who is banished to this far off land where she tries to live her life in isolation with occasional visits from aloof humans. She has friends in the shapes of Mikkos (a blind old man) and Hermes (Poseidon's nephew). Both played a good role in Dusa's life on the island and after (in Hermes' case). Dusa considers herself a monster for all that she has done and Hermes takes it upon himself to get Dusa off of the island and get help form his uncle and what not. Read the book to know what happens after. xP

Other than Hermes, there are other deities in the book as well such as Hades, Persephone, Aphrodite and many more. And I seriously enjoyed their presence. I loved everything about this book- how the book took place in the modern era- it was just veryy cool. Hermes and Dusa were perfect together. Gah. There was this huge plot twist that I am not such a big fan of but it makes sense and is kinda obvious and works. Plus I would have loved it even more had it been simply YA and not NA. (it might just be me, though)

Overall, this was a magical read and it had me hooked. I assure you all to read this one as you don't want to miss out this Medusa and her world. As you will LOVE her.

An excellent stand-alone book. 


Go read it. T_T

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