Daniel Handler's Why We Broke Up

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Read in Jan' 14

This was a confusing experience at first because of the writing and then a meandering one what with the ability of the writing to make me feel the elation, sadness, the mischief, the heartbreak, the awkwardness, the giddiness through those pages.

The book is in the form of a storytelling manner of a letter which Min addresses to her ex, Ed, with details about all the stuff in that box which contains things they came across during those times together. She is returning those things to him. She tells reasons for why they broke up. Minerva aka Min—I came to love her. I found her really cool and I seriously feel bad for her. I haven’t read Lemony Snicket’s other works—I have only seen the movie(s) based on his works. So, this book was a surprise because I came to love it. I liked Minerva’s friends. And Ed is such a jerk. I was liking him along with Min but I was hating him with her. And I even liked Annette. And dude, the guy’s nerve—how dare he assume such a thing. I seriously hate guys, you know. I liked their relationship while it lasted it was very sweet. I have so many fav passages in this book.

Anyway, stick with Why We Broke Up if you do feel the difficulty with the writing because I liked this one. And well, the moral of the story, in short--breakups are hard and you realize that what you felt during those times doesn’t matter anymore-- you realize you are worth it. I technically went through a breakup while reading this book. Ha!!

Confused me! I liked the illustrations in this.


Have you read this book? What was your first heartbreak like?
Thanks for reading.

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