Imogen Bold's Miss Hyde

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Read in Nov' 13
The story follows Marion, who is living with Mr. Utterson (guardian) and Miss Krummacker (governess/nanny) and while on a trip with her governess, a man mistakes her for someone else. They talk and well, she sees why the guy had mistaken her for that someone (later on). They are lookalikes. Whoa!! Marion and Irina switch places. Irina’s mom is all about wanting her to be proper and to marry into a well-off fam. She meets the man again and her sister has vanished. Her guardian dies, gives her an antidote. People are after her. Her father is not who she thought she was. She has the same conditions. She wonders if Irina has the same condition. Two main love interests. I liked neither. I liked Irina’s bro and how Marion tried mending that relationship.

I liked that the chapters were precise. Also, the whole transformation. But I am still confused. I think I missed something cos at times I wasn’t feeling the book and might have skimmed the pages. Irina and our heroine, Marion had same faces. And, Marion-the lead had an alter-ego in the shape of Miss Hyde. Right? So, Irina had an alter ego as well??? (Rethinking) No?? Maybe. Do I need to read it again??!?!?

I did not like the romance in this at all. The dude was meh. I might read the next one just to know what else the alterego would do as I liked her. Haha.

Another thing I didn’t like would be speech. I dunno I wasn’t sold on the idea of all that era talk. Hmmm.
I didn’t like the aspect that it was NA. I dunno why there is this need now for every author to write NA.

I have learned one must write a review right after reading the book. What with the book fresh in the mind.

So, I liked the whole storyline. And I so want to know who is threatening Marion and I want to know all the other unanswered questions. I wish I had enjoyed this story more when I was reading it. I dunno why I didn’t.

Gwen Ellery will now be writing under the pen name Imogen Bold and this book was released under her pen name.

I will give this book 3.5ish stars. 


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Happy Reading.
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