The Mortal Instruments - All The Covers

The cover for the final book was revealed Monday night. Woot. I have all the covers in descending order. 

Manilla Institute gave me the idea. Its magnificent. Check the whole thing here. I can't find the post now. Grrr. I have linked the tumblr to TMI Source. I can't find there tumblr. Sorry.

What we know about the last book so far.

Six characters are dying.
It's the longest book in the series with 773 pages.
Clary and Jace will sort of get married.
Ships will be broken.
Alec and Magnus won't get a closure. Or they might. But Cass said there is nothing to resolve.

The source of all this from here

I dunno what to expect. I am just reallly worried. *bites nails*

Happy Reading.
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