For the love of Warner!!!!

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Unravel Me was a complete departure from Juliette's vulnerability to her trying to be out there for her new family. She began to grow and realize her true potential. The emotions throughout the book were just too goddamn intense. Warner was such a sweetheart. 

By reading this book and seeing his emotions and the connection between Juliette and Warner was heart-wrenching. I am definitely Team Warner now. When I read Destroy Me, I was like okay, yeah, whatever, Warner has a warm side but after I read this bloody (and i mean it in a good way obvi) installment I am in LOVE. Yes, in all caps. All those encamped scenes between Juliette and Warner. My my. Warner, my heart was beating for you. 

Tahereh's writing is sooooo fluid-like. It was so amazing to feel what Juliette was feeling. I hope you know what I mean. Adam and Warner have a connection you guys. That was kinda an unexpected surprise. And Adam wasn't missed by me in this installment ehehe. And let's not forget the sexiest and the most heartbreaking chapter of all times CHAPTER SIXTY-TWO. 

I won't dwell in the details cos well everybody talked about it when they read the book. So, start with the series already. Other shit is also brewing in the camps and well, this book ended in a (sort of) cliffhanger. A lot of action peeps. And all that tension. The non-sexual kind, of course. 


Read for Universal TBR
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I read Fracture Me mainly for that Ignite Me excerpt but I still wanted to read Adam's POV to see if I would get wavered or not. And also because it is set during and soon after the final moments of Unravel Me. I surely wasn't as I did not like Adam's voice. I found him whiny and so uninteresting. I am sorry. I dunno why but Adam made me angry. I know I am being harsh with my rating but I don't care. Grr.


Ignite Me Excerpt was like a gasp of breath in this void created by Tahereh's writing. T_T I cannot wait to read this final installment, you guys. I am so dreading who will be standing with Juliette at the end. And did you guys see those teasers- those full pages Tahereh revealed on her Twitter. She first revealed the ones with Juliette and Warner. 

And guys I have a bad feeling, the pages which showed Adam and Juliette, they were in the 100s. So, I dunno I know the book is like what 416 pages so I dunno. I just hope we get to see Warner. I know I know we will but I am worried. What if Juliette really dies? Because authors are doing this more now. Killing people off. What if Warner dies??? Oh, please, noo. So much is going to go down in this freaking finale book. Loads of action and drama and angst. Man. 

Another trilogy is about to end. I hope we aren't heartbroken. Like we will be as there will be no more Juliette and the others. WARNERRRR!!!!!!!

Which team are you on? What do you reckon is gonna happen? 

Fingers crossed.

Ignite Me comes out February 4.

BTW, what does Ransom Riggs mean by saying this 

"a thrilling, high-stakes saga of self-discovery and forbidden love"

What???? This is from the official blurb. Oh my god. It is Warner, right. Forbidden love. LOL. Arghhh. Whatever. I don't care. Like more worthy stuff is going to happen in the final book and I am worried about their love life. Shallow. So shallow of me.

Okay, I am rambling. Sorrryyy.

Happy Reading and Waiting.


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