Paulina Ulrich's Chosen

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Read in Nov' 13

Chosen is a NA paranormal (romance) novel the first in the Fighting Fate series. It has a sarcastic protagonist named Kaddy who is in a band with three other peeps, one of them being her best friend Matt and I loved that they had a platonic relationship and it was freshening to see no love love between the best friends-- Matt was a good friend.

As for Kaddy's sarcasm it worked for me at times and at other times it didn't. :/ She works in this shop and kaboom enters our hero, Cole and that scene totes reminded me of Twilight. How Edward was clenching and un-clenching his fists, eheh. But no worries this book is obviously nothing like Twilight.

When I was reading this I really felt like I was reading a chic-lit and I was liking it. I knew it was a paranormal book but I was not looking forward to it. But now when I come to think of it. The paranormal aspect saved the book for me. I dunno why I wasn't connecting with the story line and/or the characters. And man, I didn't like the NA perspective in this one as well.

And I did not like how she was over analyzing her feelings for Cole almost all the time. When Cole was introduced I kinda liked him but nah. She works in a record shop and this new arrival in town has set her off. She is getting these weird headaches and she is fainting. And she is getting attacked. She is getting these Tremors.

Our female protagonist is the Chosen one among the Calamitous (bad) and this other group of angels, the Commendables (good). You see, Kaddy is a hybrid. She is an amalgamation of both the parties— Kaddy has more Calamitous blood. She has to make a decision as she is the prophecised one according to Cole and well-- she is being attacked.  Cole is an angel as well. He is a guardian, though.

I am kinda excited about how all this angel business is going to unfold in the other books. it is going to be exciting as Kaddy was awesome at the end. I liked how the book ended. I didn't think Kaddy would do that. Ooh, I loved the wings and I love the cover. And Kaddy is so pretty. Ehehe. 

I am giving this 3.5ish stars for that paranormal aspect and the cover and that ending. 


Happy Reading.
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