Waiting on 2014 Releases!!

I am excited to jump into these 2014 releases and add them into my reading collection. 
Abroad (June 17)
Fire and Flood (February 25)
Tsarina (February 27)
Side Effects May Vary (March 18)
Before My Eyes (February 11)
If You're Not Yet Like Me (February 11)

Promise of Shadows (March 11)
Gemini (March 11)
Salvage (April 1)
The Taking (April 29)
The Ring and the Crown (April 1)
The Museum of Intangible Things (April 10)
Life by Committee (May 13)
We Were Liars (May 13)
The Blonde (May 13)

Only Everything (May 6)

Don't You Ever Forget About Me (June 10)
Elizabeth is Missing (June 5)
Awkwardly Ever After (June 24)
Breathe, Annie, Breathe (July 1)
The Girl From The Well (Aug 5)
Falls The Shadow (Sep 16)
Happy Waiting.
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