Lila Felix's Forced Autonomy

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Read in Jan' 14

Forced Autonomy started out really good. A true dystopian setting and then the characters opened their mouths. I did not like the main girl, Petra and the guy, Law. The girl wasn’t that bad at first. But I liked her solo. She was kinda sarcastic-funny. And I didn’t like the insta-attraction. I didn’t like Law. Boo. Also, the book failed to keep me interested. Like, I freaking don’t care what happens to the humans in this books. I want to read 1984 by George Orwell really bad now.

We have US now gone down at the hands of UN. There are humans in the world but they have been reduced to robot behavior- doing stuff without any internal thought. It is scary as this is what the world rulers want to do to us, nowadays. All that New World Order agenda. Who cares? They want to desensitize the masses. This is what is happening in the book. I would have liked it a lot as I liked the whole backdrop/plot but the characters failed to keep me glued. It was told from the third perspective during the prologue and then switched to first person narratives by alternating protagonist’s POVs. It was a short read so maybe the next installment can give us more insight into the characters as that is what was lacking for me.

I dunno what else I can say about this. I liked it okay. Might give it 2.5 as I liked the world and not the characters.


Thanks for reading.
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