Monthly Wrap-Up #16

Wooot. I successfully completed the A-Z Challenge and the goodreads challenge of reading 150 books. I have challenged myself to read 175 books this year. I still haven't finished a book yet. Cos, well, I had finals. And I am free now. But the I had my bro over and I just wanted to watch all the YouTube vids I had to see and that I couldn't during the week.

I know I had slacked off in the last three months of last year. Gosh. But I didn't blog much in December at all. I hope I can get to blog more and actually do the memes and features. I seriously need to blog more on my WordPress blog, I hardly blogged there the second half of the year. God. I suck. But I blogged 178 posts last year. That is so much huger than 2012. I only blogged 109 posts and ha-ha, let's not even talk about how I failed at blogging in 2011 when I first started.

Anyway, back to this blog. The last wrap-up for year 2k13. Wooo. Before, I begin with the books I read in December.  I still have to get the books that I read in the last week of November out there (xP) as I did the November wrap-up a week early.

One full length novel and two short stories/novellas. I seriously loved Insurgent. I have forgotten what happened in The Transfer *frowns*. Oh yeah, it was like reading from a male Tris's POV. Seriously, I would forget it was Tobias who was narrating. They are so similar-- Still haven't made my peace with that Allegiant ending though. Grrrr. Annnd, I have forgotten what I was going to say. It happens. *sigh* Insurgent was just amazing. I gave it five stars. It's my fave form the trilogy. Just so intense. The Path to Allegiant was 'bleh'- gave it three stars. Meh. So, adding these three books, I read 14 books (including the novellas and whatever) in November of 2013.

So, I had Insurgent in my December TBR, but I managed to read it in November. So, booyah. 


I failed to mention Maggie Stiefvater's books in my fave series of the year. It was because I read it right at the end of the month and year :p 
I read both the books last year and had so much fun and that ending to the The Dream Thieves. Whoa. You peeps need to get on this series if you haven't already. They are seriously really good. And if you can get your hands on the audio books that would be super cooler. I heard the audio book for the first. It was awesome. Both the books are my faves form last year.
Well, I loved reading Allegiant but I was shocked with what happend in that certain chapter or the chaps after as it took time for me let it sink that, yes, that had happened. Grrrrrrrrr.
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell was really good. I liked it a lot. I read Eleanor and Park as well but I liked this more than that.
Eleven Minutes was a short read but it was sooo good. Fracture is such a good book and this short story was just as good. Read both if you still haven't. 

Rating: (for all)

I read these for the AZ Challenge and I really liked them. I cant wait to read more form these authors and continue with the series in three of the cases.

I wanted to give Eleanor and Park three stars but ended up giving it a 3.5. I dunno I didn't feel that much for the characters or the overall fee. I was liking in the beginning but then I dunno, maybe it was the constant POV change or something. A good read otherwise. I do love both the leads. 
Fracture Me the novella form Alex's POV form the Shatter Me trilogy was a-ok. I did not like reading form his POV. I only gave it 3 stars cos of that Ignite Me excerpt. Maybe I was a lil harsh with that rating. Ehehe. But what's done is done now.
Miss Hyde is an NA novel and I have to do a full review on it. I just need to come up with stuff cos well, I gave it three stars. And, I liked that it had that alter-ego aspect in it. Well, duh it was Mr. Jekyll and Hyde retelling of sorts. Y'know what I mean. Review to come soon.

So, that's it then.

Happy New Year, everyone.
Here's to new beginnings...
Love you all.
Thanks for following along.
Happy Reading.
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