Yearly TBR: 2014

These are the books I am planning to read by the end of this year. The major goal is to complete the already started series and some other noteworthy ones and the ones I have been wanting to read for quite a while now and the ones that I started and never got round to finishing them.

Books part of a series or trilogy:

Paranormalcy Trilogy by Kiersten White
Need to read:

I enjoyed Paranormalcy and I excited to dive into that world again. I might want to refresh my memories about it though. I hope book 2 does give me some reminders. xP

Unearthly Trilogy by Cynthia Hand
Need to read:

I liked Tucker from the first book and I am hoping I like the remaining books than the first.

The Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent
Need to read:

I might have to binge on this series. I love Rachel's Soul Screamers books. And I enjoyed the first book. Looking forward to complete this series.

Destiny Series by Gillian Shields
Need to read:

I read the first book such a long time ago. But I remember really liking it and wanting to read the next book. But then I got lost in other magnifique books and forgot all about it, sorta. Ehe

MacKinnon Curse Novels by J.A. Templeton
Need to read:

I remember liking the first book but not enough to jump on to the next read like crazy. I would like to continue with this ghost related world this year.

Clarity by Kim Harrington
Need to read:

This trilogy is about psychics as far as I can rememeber and I think I liked the book, okay. It would be good to get this series of my incompleted series by the end of this year. I don't think there is another book coming out. Hmmm.

Hex Hall Novels by Rachel Hawkins
Need to read:

I believe this series can be said o=to be similar to the likes of the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter and the Frost seris by Jennifer E. SMith. They happen at boarding achools. They are full of all that required drama and a good easygoing storyline. Need to finish these books so that I can start her spin-off to these books.

Wildefire Triology by Karsten Knight
Need to read:

I liked the first book, okay. I am recalling, I did have some problems with it. But I still want to read the remaining books. I love the covers on these, though. A lot.

The Immortals by Alyson Noel
Need to read:

Will do binge-reading on this series. I don't quite remember how I liked the first book. And I did start reading the second book. I think I read at least 8 chapters. Eheh. We shall see. After this, I want to start with her Soul Seekers Novels.

Dark Swan by Richelle Mead (Comic)
Need to read:

The story was quite interesting and I liked this experience of going through a graphic novel for a Richelle Mead book. And i have been meaning to read her Dark Swan series, so this is a good way to check it out.

All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness 
Need to read:

Ooooh, I had had such a fun time reading the first book. It was soo good. I really like how the story was written- such a fresh take on a relationship between a witch and a vampire- I am a sucker for those. Ehehe.

Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman
Need to read:

I really loved Unwind and I need to read the remaining two books to dive back into this dark nerving world before the final book comes out. 

Hush, Hush Novels by Becca Fitzpatrick
Need to read:

I gave the first book four stars. Hmm, I don't really like books with angels. At least I dunno if I have an outright fav angel book, oh I have H.M. Ward's Demon Kissed. I didn't like Lauren Kate's Fallen books, though. I hope I like this series by Becca.

The Taker Trilogy by Alma Katsu
Need to read:

I found the first book really dark- after they had passed did I get into the book. My review.

Need to read:

I love steampunk. I am so excited to get back into Finley and the gang's world.

Newsoul Trilogy by Jodi Meadows
Need to read:

I read Incarnate back in 2012. I need to finally see how things are for Ana and the rest.

Unraveling Series by Elizabeth Norris
Need to read:

Although I didn't really enjoy the first book. I am hoping that I liked this finale book to this two book series.

The Hybrid Chronicles by Kat Zhang
Need to read:

I read the first book last year and I liked it. I can't wait to read this next book to see how things turn out for Eva.

The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore
Need to read:

Let's see how this one turns out as the last book didn't have that much happening. 

Bloodlines Novels by Richelle Mead
Need to read:

I still haven't read this and I need to. I need to. Adrian!!

Boy Novels by Meg Cabot
Need to read:

I freaking enjoyed the first book. I want to read these next two companion books.

A Song of Ice and Fire by Goerge R.R. Martin
Need to read:

I still haven't gotten the third book. And I have the fourth and the fifth book. I don't want to get the ebook cos well, then, I won't get to buy the physical copy. Le sigh. I need to be done with this series this year or at least get to the fourth book as the sixth one's coming out in 2015 and that is soo far away.

Standalone's and first book in the series:

These are the ones I may have started and read a quarter or half already and then had them put on hold.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Unnatural by Michael Griffo
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Burn Mark by Laura Powell 
Zelah Green by Vanessa Curtis
Vampire University by VJ Erickson
How To Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes

I have set myself a challenge on goodreads to read a 175 books. So, I am hoping I manage to read these books for that. I know I will be reading other spontaneous need reads and also all those anticipating finale books to our favorite trilogies such as Ignite Me, Evertrue to name a couple- so, I know I have a lot to read this year. 

Happy Reading, then.
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