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Read in Jan' 14

Incubus- the first episode in the Kyle Prideaux series by Rachel Bateman introduced us to Kyle, who lives with her father, who is in the Law and Order department. We see Kyle having these nightmares and see her face daily life with other side characters such as her best-friend Jayne, and later on Colter, and they have an episode which only confirms something for Kyle but not really. There is also Dad, her Art Teacher, and Miles (the dream dude) and that other (bad) man from her dreams. We also get introduced to cambions, and nephilims.

Like I am seriously blind and I didn’t see the title of this first episode. It's darn there, right in front of me, 'Incubus'. God, I was surprised to see cambions mentioned in it. I am so dumb. Well, I am curious how the story all unfolds in the upcoming episodes. This was just like a show that airs a 20 minute episode with ads- (no ads in this case) but it was just that. So, I can't really think of anything else to add to this other than the fact that I would like to know how Kyle can stop them and who Miles is. And why the murders are happening and why and how her mother dies? Also, how Kyle will deal with Colter and will she tell Jayne. What about her Dad? Was he ever in the know-how (well, its unlikely- but it can happen- a twist, y'know). LOL. So, in short-- I have questions??! A good start to a new paranormal mystery twelve part serial.

Those who like to go through short serials and the likes need to check this out. Also, all those paranormal lovers.

Happy Reading.
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