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Shaken Not Stirred is not my first Alyssa Rose Ivy novel. I have read her The Hazards of Skinny Dipping and Soar and sadly, those books didn't make much of an impression on me. The former was for lack of a good chic-lit contemporary romance. At least not for me. I had gone in thinking it would me laugh out loud but I was disappointed. The latter was just... a tad bit boring. But I did like it. I read it with the intent of finishing it. I dunno why I liked it, though. Lol. Oops. I had the same problems with this one but I sometimes found myself chuckling and that was because of this character, Macon, one of Maddy's roommate. It was good Maddy clarified why she was obsessed with Lyle. Anyway, I liked the drink and the guy concept. It was unique. I wanted to keep reading but then again I wanted to just stop and be done.

The book revolves around Maddy's life as she struggles to find balance in her life by trying to find the perfect drinks for people. The biggest cinch not knowing what Lyle's right drink is. She gets it for everyone else but not for him. Then there are her roommates. She more than once has to clarify for everyone that its a totally paltonic relationship with the both of them. I kinda liked that it was platonic and this book didn't get that love triangle. Although, if there was someone other Colin as the main dude. I  didn't like him with Maddy. The romance between the two-- well, I skipped those parts. I liked the scenes with Macon in them. I also liked how Macon did that whole scene where he tried to make Maddy see perspective on how good Colin really was. LOL. I would have kicked his butt if that happened to me. I am contradicting myself here(kinda). Bahah. I liked the other roommate as well. I liked the bar scenes. 

I am giving this 3.5 stars for that humor. And life during those Macon and Maddy scenes.


Happy Reading.
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