Brodi Ashton's Evertrue!!

Read for Birthstones Color Parade + A-Z Challenge
Read in Jan' 14

I am not going to lie and just say it outright- I bawled my eyes out over that last chapter and I wasn't even acknowledging what happened after that. The ending for me was that moment when Nikki was left alone. Oh god, I want to cry again. Why why why why??????????? If you follow me on instagram or tumblr or twitter you must have seen that image I posted right after i finished this. I remember crying this hard when i read TFiOS and Message in a Bottle. God. 

OK. So, this book was supposed to be like the best out of the bunch, right? But for me, I still think Everbound takes the lead. I should have reviewed Everbound. Gah. Anyway, where Everbound was a massive roller-coaster ride this installment lacked it for me. This one was filled with wistfulness more.

I think the action was downplayed in this one but this book required it. I did not like Jack. I don't like him but I could have liked him as this was the only book in which we saw more of him. I think I liked only that one time. And some of his lines to Nikki were really cheesy. 

And seriously Nikki, I don't blame you for what happened to my love but still Jack was only ever angry. He could have been reasonable when Cole was facing that dilemma. I didn't know i could love Cole more but I do. And I think I reallly love him . LOL. 

God. I am a mess. Like I didn't even cry over that Allegiant ending or Champion. Maybe the force of all that grief is hitting me full force now. I had been angry over that Allegiant ending but I think I made my peace with it and even with Champion's ending (it was a good one, okay??!!! compared to these two) but what happened here. I know it was the only reasonable ending - I still need time. I need time. Okay? Okay! *wails* That TFiOS trailer also had to release that day. My emotions are all over the place. 

The book ended really quickly. I read this in one sitting.  I have read that last scene so many times. And my heart aches every time. I loved zis installment none-the-less. 

Overall, a very good trilogy. I will totally recommend it.

And yeah I know I didn't talk about anything else but seriously lemme breathe okay, i am recovering.

Read this trilogy guys but don't fall for the right guy!!!! 

I will miss my OTP from this trilogy and the whole world. It's all gone. *sobs*


How did you like Evertrue?? 

Happy Reading.
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