A Million Suns & Shades of Earth


Series: A Million Suns:Shades of Earth: 

Read for Universal TBR + New Series/Trilogy
Read in Feb' and Mar' 14 respectively

I don't outright love love this trilogy but i love it nonetheless. I liked how the first book focused on Godspeed and the second book was all about them trying to find ways to get off the ship and the third by actually getting off the ship and facing the dangers and finding out the truth about everything. I found these predictable but captivating and interesting nonetheless. I have mixed feelings about the relationship between Amy and Elder, though right from the first book. These books had things happening and all those mystery elements infused together with all those unanswered questions burning in our heads along with our protagonists. I liked how things ended. This is a beloved trilogy and I get why it is so beloved. If you have been hesitating about delving into this world I suggest you do as it has a potential to win your hearts right over and become one of your favorite series.


Happy Reading.
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