Lauren DeStefano's Wither

Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)
I freaking love the cover. Gah. I also really liked this book. I read it last week and I was hooked the minute I started. My sister has read this trilogy and she raved about this first installment.

It's about sister-wives and is a dystopian kinda setting. I am team Linden. I didn't like Gabriel. I don't like Linden for Rhine either but if i did have to choose I would have gone with Linden but I would have wanted to not live in the mansion. I really liked Rhine. She was soo smart and clever. I loved the relationship between Rhine, Jenna, Cecily.

This setting is really very sad and kills my feminist heart. I loved how Rhine thought one thing and said another. I will definitely be reading the next two books. This book is sad and is realistic. Like we still have sister-wives in our time and it is so scary to see the same thing in a futuristic setting as this. I dunno I might have been like Rhine as well but maybe I would have accepted my fate and just gone along with it. That thought is scary. Grr. I liked Lauren's writing style.

(I follow Lauren on instagram as well and she posts these pictures of her cats and they are so adorable. Eheh.) Anyway, back to the book. I loved it because I loved how Rhine was. And I am soo happy with the ending and I want to know what will happen in the next two books.



Happy Reading.
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