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Hello everyone. How's it going? I have been actively reading Shadow Bound, A Storm of Swords and Pulled Beneath with diverting reads here and there but the major focus on this trio. I am currently listening to Avicii's cover of Sweet Dreams. Whenever that song comes on I just feel like dancing. Hahah.

Anyway, I have a few things lined up for the blog. A multiple things happening this week. ANd a couple for next month (as of yet).

March 17: Upcoming Release(s) post or WoW for Before You.
Cover Reveal for Addison Moore's Celestra Forever.

March 18: Most prolly I will have my review for Pulled Beneath up. If not it will be up in the next couple of days.

March 20: Cover reveal for the second Ivy Chronicle Book, Survive by K.A. Tucker.

*My review(s) for my previously finished reads between this week and the remaining weeks. *

April 1: Release Day Launch for the paperback of Ten Seconds to Lose.

April 15: Release Day Launch for Don't Look Back.

That's it then.

Thanks for reading. I will go (continue) tumbling.
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