Vicious and The Dark Elements

    Hey, so I have decided not to do the Favorite Chapters and the Weekend Reads feature anymore. I realized I only liked making those banners. Ehehe. Gah. And also, I don't need features for reviewing books. I can do them anyway. But I might still use the banners. Just cause. If it were something more pro-founding than it would have been fine. Alas, I am doing away with those.

Back to this post. I read these books over the weekend. xP I had a wedding to go to as well so I only read this one novella and the other full length novels.
Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab was such an epic read. Victor and Eli were best mates and now they want to kill each other. God, a movie would be awesome on this. I like Victor, yo.

The pacing was amazing especially in the last few chapters. I kinda guessed a few things beforehand but nonetheless it was awesome. The powers each had were so useful lol. They were just-- insane-- and the way they used it was just a mess. Especially Eli and Serena. I liked how Serena nailed why Eli was doing what he was doing. IF you have read the book you would get it. I hope.

Each and every character had their own allure.This book was just wrong and in a crazy way it was right. Haha. I am reminded of BigBrother's mindspeak if i remember correctly. I loved the thesis topics that were discussed...

The book is told from varying perspectives of each EO. It moves forward and back in its retelling. I have read The Archived and I had certainly loved it and the writing in that was certainly different. I really like it when the authors vary their writing styles.

This was a standalone and it will stick with you. it will leave you speechless. It did me. As I still dunno what to more to say other than that this book was shockingly good and you should read it.

Yes, you. You, right there.



Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout  White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I thought these books were new-adult. I failed to see that JLA had used her real name and not the one she uses for her adult books. Anyway, Bitter Sweet Love set the premise for the the first book in Dark Elements series. I didn't really like Bitter Sweet Love like I liked White Hot Kiss

I liked the gargoyles though. I love JLA's writing and the world's she creates. 

This world was no exception. Also, her characters are also so loveable. I liked Layla a lot and oh, Roth was awesome. I gave BSW three stars and WHK four 4 stars.


Happy Reading.
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