Myra McEntire's The Hourglass Trilogy

Hourglass (Hourglass, #1)  Timepiece (Hourglass, #2)  Infinityglass (Hourglass, #3)
I read this trilogy last week. I read Hourglass after i was done with the last Across The Universe novel by Beth Revis and the first in the Ironskin books by Tina Connolly. It was either before or after I was done with Wither.

I have read other time travelling books but I believe this trilogy really expanded that whole time travel theme for me. I am a fan of time travel shows and movies such as Continuum, Community etc and I would really like to time travel. The whole life lines and ripples and continuum really fascinates me.

I liked the aspect of rips that was introduced in here. I though they were ghosts or something so that was cool. So, this has been compared to Doctor Who in a YA package. I have seen the first two eps of Doctor Who and I hadn't liked the show and no I don't watch the show. I might start with the third as a friend told me to do start from there. So, I shall see as i really freaking loved these books.

I liked the second book the most out of this trilogy. Yes, you guessed it right. I am Team Kaleb. I didn't like Michael that much in the first book. I really like the ladies in this trilogy. And I loved how every book had a different narrator with the last book we had a dual POV. And I loved the significance of the titles. And I love the covers. And I loved how the story progressed and was addressed-- it was like a whole big plot and in that it had the little elements that were unique to the book in question but were in place because of the whole plot. o_O I dunno what i just wrote. LOL. I dunno how else to say it.

There are so many jaw-dropping moments in this book. Anyway, i read the last two books, Timepiece and Infinityglass together after taking a day off between reading the first book or something. I really liked this trilogy. I didn't think i would but i seriously adored all the characters and the writing and the pacing and the characters and everything else. Oooh, the typeface is so cool.

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Happy Reading.

I will go find myself a time traveling device. Hahahhha. *winks*
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