Monsters and Ironskin

Monsters (Ashes Trilogy, #3)Read in Feb' 14
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The explosive conclusion to the Ashes trilogy was intense like its predecessor and with the same meandering path but the ending was unexpected and I liked it. I can think whatever I want to. One thing out of reading this tirlogy. I will be reading more stuff by Ilsa and also I like Wolf. Haha. Gorier stuff, answers to our questions, more dangerous, jaw dropping scenarios. Bittersweet meetings. More realizations. The characters owning up to their tasks. All i can say is an extremely awesome trilogy and finale. And I love these new covers. Fab trilogy with fab story telling and cool cliffhangers. :p

Ironskin (Ironskin, #1)Read in Mar' 14
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I have never read any Bronte novel. I have tried to but never fully given my time to them. i didn't really know Ironskin was retelling of Jane Eyre. I read it because i love steampunk and i like the cover. Anyway, I didn't like this book that much. I gave it only 3 quills. I started getting into it after she went to her sister's house for the wedding. I didn't like Edward and how he was shown to tower over her. I didn't like how the attraction was shown. I will be reading the sequel though. I am still interested in the story. I also downloaded Jane Eyre after reading this. 

Happy Reading.
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