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So, today is the day when I finally posted 100 posts on this blog. A little history and more rambling to follow. If you don't wanna hear my no-nonsense. Don't read anymore. If you plan on reading. Thank you and get ready for a somewhat okay ride. 

*pardon the 'please'*
I joined blogger in January of 2011. I wrote my first ever post on July 8. I had only 11 published posts that year. 5 in July. 1 in September. 5 in December. Blogging scares me. So many people to judge you. Plus I'm not a good writer in the sense that my writing has no fluency. My jumbled up thoughts line over each other. I am not confident in my views which just sucks. Then came 2012. i lacked in updating posts again.  In January of 2012, I wrote3 posts. I would read loads of books. I still do. But I wouldn't post more. Then came February with only 2 posts. Then I skipped March in posting that is, then April with just a post,  Then May and June with 2 posts and a single post simultaneously. Then came July with 10 posts. Can you sense a pattern here? Last year, my guts came in July as well when I wrote my first post and this year too. I began unleashing my thoughts on books more. Wrote posts on releases. Then came August with the most posts so far. 20 posts. This was the month when I got aware of memes on blogs. I started following those. I also came up with features for my blog. Hehehe. I still have to post more reviews. Then came September with 12 posts. I mostly did memes and features that month. In those posts i did some short short reviews. I made a habit of sharing my thoughts on goodreads instead of here. The ones i reviewed on goodreads can be viewed in the sidebars. And October with 19 posts so far. I did reviews and meme and feature posts. :p

I wrote all of the above in the month of October. At that time, I had published only 19 posts. We are in the month of November.  I surpassed the month of August by 5 more posts in October. I have posted 13 posts so far this month. I have very many pending reviews. I think I am growing but still I am lagging behind. I sometimes- mostly go through a slump and also get busy with life. That is another reason for lack of posts or whatever. I am happy to say that I have published 100 posts. I have only ever gotten a single comment on one of my posts. I am thankful to Audrey for that comment. I don't have that very many commenters. I do have visitors but I don't think they stay a-while. I am patient. I am willing to wait. I hope until that time I will have upped my writing skills and all that blogging experience.

I did my first ever trailer reveal. Thanks to Jennifer L. Armentrout for that opportunity. 

I love reading books and I will post about them on my own pace but I am planning to hasten that pace... :p
I guess I should stop now. I am not liking this post anymore. :p
Thanks for reading.
Happy Reading.

P.S. My blog birthday is July 8, right? The day when I first wrote my blog post or should it be the day I joined Blogger? I guess the latter. That means my blog is 1 year and some months old. Right? So, happy belated birthday "Gaga Over Books".
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