Elixir - A Glimpse into Aiden's Mind!

Covenant  3.5
Jennifer L. Armentrout

Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to save Alex.
Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for.
Even if it means making war against the gods.
If you want to avoid any major spoilers than read this after Deity. I really liked how this book turned up. We know Alex is now under Seth's control. This book showed us how Aiden, Apollo, Marcus and the others are faring after this happened. Seth has to find Alex to get her powers to kill all the Gods. And so they have to do anyhting to everything to sever that connection. The major part of this novella focused on that plus Aiden's struggle through all this and also the fact that a huge war is brewing. A temporary solution is used to sever the connection which kills Aiden. It was nice to see how all of them- Aiden, Marcus, Deacon, Apollo were faring after the takeover. The book ended on a cliffhanger, Aiden finally comes up with a solution of who, what and how can that connection be really severed.

It was really good to see into Aiden's head. His frustration and all that were a huge arrow in our hearts. The moment when he first saw Alex, aw man. And yeah they are meant to be together. Seth can just go kill himself. But I love Seth. Also seeing a vulnerable Alex was a sweet and heartbreak moment. I know Alex is strong and she will resurface. I need the next book now.
Teaser Quote:
I sucked in a shrill breath that came back out sounding like a growl. “You’re asking me to let you kill her.”
 Have you read Elixir? How did you find it?

Happy Reading.
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