Just A Little - YA Novelette Series

'Just A Little' are four-part, fast-paced, YA series of novelettes. 'Just A Little Crush' being the first, followed by 'Just A Little Embrace' and the third titled 'Just A Little Sincerity'. The fourth is yet to be released. Tracie Puckett is the author behind these titles. The events in the first two titles take place in the month of September and the third oozes into October.

The story seemed like Jennifer Echols 'Going Too Far'- a cop and a teenage girl who ends up spending time with him on duty. The difference being the cop in Echols's was nearer the girl's age in that book, here he was older than our lead. The second difference, I liked Echols's world more than the one created here. Maybe because Echols's was a full-length novel while these are novelette's. Or that I wanted a quick reprieve and wanted to read a quick fun story and my thirst wasn't  fulfilled. I am not saying these weren't good. They were nicely written and were nice to read.

'Just A Little Crush' introduced us to Julie who ends up shadowing an older cop, Luke for a school assignment. This edition basically focuses on her learning what she wants to do with her life and also learning more about Luke and finding herself falling for Luke at the end. There is also another dude, Derek, in the picture who happens to be the child of someone responsible for the reason she and her brother are living with their uncle. 
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'Just A Little Embrace' continues with Julie shadowing Luke and also her friendship with Derek getting stronger. They are some ups and sown in her life and she is revealed to the real reason Derek and his sister are their next door neighbors. Luke is treating Julie like a kid after something happened between them which is frustrating Julie. At the end they find themselves in a tight spot when Luke's life is endangered and Luke confesses. A huge cliffhanger.

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The third novelette in the Just A Little series focused on Luke being hot and cold with Julie which really hurts Julie. She finally visits her parent's grave. This was a good edition. Luke finally acknowledges his confession and tells Julie how he really feels about her. Things looked a lot brighter for Julie and the others in this edition. Luke still has to mend his relation with his family and Julie and Luke promise they will find a way to be together.
My Rating:
Overall, they were good to read. I read them altogether which was good as I didn't have to wait. The third edition was the finest edition so far. I liked Matt- Julie's brother a lot. I loved the relationship between the two.I still think I could have liked them better.(Yeah, mixed feelings here.)

Overall Rating:
Happy Reading.

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