So, I finally read this awesome new series by HM Ward. I was not planning to read them as I was avoiding new adult genre books.But I am glad I read these. Just like always Holly M. Ward brought a  fresh new take to her writing style. They were frustrating let me tell you. The story had me gripped . I have to say I like the old covers more. :-/ From the new covers I like the first installment's cover. 
Anyway, Secrets introduced us to Anna Lamore and Cole Stevens lives. And I loved every minute of it. Anna needs an internship from a prestigious photographing company to complete her graduation. She finds herself in a tight spot when LaFemme hires her as she doesn't like Cole Stevens and thinks him a feminist and a jerk. She has to say yes and start working for him. She finds that Cole isn't who she thought he was. At the end of the first volume she finds she is falling for Cole. In the next book, Secrets 2 Cole gives her another studio that she handles on her own. Things get electrical between the two. Things get to a new level between them. Other than that she feels like someone is following her. Things are frustrating for her as Cole doesn't give her what she wants. In the 3rd volume Secrets 3 things get out of hand. She finds out that she has to start an internship with another company again or her  graduation will be cancelled. A settlement takes place between Sottero and Stevens on rape charges. Cole dismisses Anna. Things seem grim. A cliffhanger ending.

Now, the art in these volumes was breathtaking. I found a little similarity between Cole and Jack (Scandalous)- the way they painted I guess and Cole used the same photograph lighting thingy. Whatever they were good. They were different but I guess the family is same (makes sense). I loved her friend Emma. At times, the book made me laugh. I loved her parents. I like how Anna and Cole are. They are so sweet. There were more dialogues and tense moments then actual action so I liked that. There were only one or two scenes. That was that.

I will recommend this to all HM Ward lovers and if you are looking  for a quick retreat from busy lives.

Teaser Quotes:

'I want that. I want to be so insanely in love with someone that I’d walk away from everything I knew, just to be with him.'

'“There isn’t more than this. This is the best of what I can offer you. The rest is too...,” he shakes his head, “It’s just not possible.”'
'Cole exhales loudly and stands. “So that’s what you want? A piece of me? Well, get in line. Sottero will wipe me clean. You can take whatever you can scavenge before that.”'

 Have you read these volumes? How did you like 'em?

Happy Reading.
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