Loquacious 'Whispers at Moonrise'

Whispers at Moonrise
(Shadow Falls #4)
C.C. Hunter
October 2nd 2012
A breathtaking new installment of the bestselling Shadow Falls series for young adults by rising star C. C. Hunter!

At a camp filled with vampires, werewolves, and fairies, Kylie Galen has always struggled to figure out what she is. Now she finally knows the truth
but she's left with more questions than answers. She doesnt have a clue what her heritage means or how to harness her newfound powers. All she knows is that she needs to sort out her feelings for Derek, the sexy half-Fae who just confessed his love, and Lucas, her werewolf boyfriend who seems more committed to his pack than to their relationship. All the while, Kylie's dealing with a group of underground rogues who want her dead and a mysterious grandfather who makes it clear he doesnt trust the FRU . . . or Shadow Falls. Soon Kylie will have to choose: Will she stay with the new family shes formed at Shadow Falls, or will she leave with her grandfather and embrace her destiny?

I really liked this book. The book started right from where the last book- ‘Taken at Dusk’ was left off- Kylie finding out what she is. But she is still struggling with her new found powers and then there is her uncertainty about that along with her being followed by the powerful rouge and her getting warnings about FRU not to be trusted. Let’s not forget her love life. Derek confessed his feelings for her. Lucas is just being impossible when he finds about her new pattern and betrays her. A new ghost is here to help her who might be someone she loves dearly but is alive. She is in danger and she has to leave the Falls to go live with more people like her. She gets betrayed by Lucas when she makes that decision.
I liked reading this installment a lot. It was an enjoyable read. The different powers she discovers were awesome. Her friends are freaking awesome. I love them. And about the dudes I dunno who I like. :-/ This book was full of wittiness, drama, angst, loyalty, strong friendship, a sense of belongingness. It was a good and a quick read. I kept reading once I started it.
Teaser Quote:

“John rose to his feet and apologized to Holiday.Her mom seethed.Her dad tried to talk to her seething mom.
Holiday tried to touch everyone.
Burnett continued to glare green daggers at John, proving how hard it was for a vampire to accept an apology. Not that she blamed him. Kill him. Kill him. She cheered the vampire on. Lucas hadn't stopped scowling at Derek and Derek hadn't stopped ignoring Lucas.”
I believe the 3rd book and this book should have been combined. And the same goes for the first two books. (But it's good this way as well as they are quite short reads.)
The final book 'Chosen at Nightfall' in the enthralling series comes in spring 2013. I know it’s so far away
I will definitely recommend this if you are already following the series. If you haven’t read any book in the series- Start now.
If you are already following the series and have read this installment- what did you think about it?
Happy Reading.
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