Weekend TBR

Hey, so I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog as I am having my mid-terms. Only one more exam left. I was also in a slump and just so tired. I caught up with my sleep and seasons :p The Walking Dead is getting awesome. Revenge and oh yeah Grey's is back. Yang!!!! Anyway, in my normal tone now...

The books I am planning to read over the weekend. Secrets Volume 3 by H.M. Ward. I just love these volumes. They are short plus good- tension filled moments.- a good and fluid story line at that. I am also planning to finish A Need So Beautiful and Oddily. Also I am planning to start Deity (Covenant 3 )and Hidden. (House of Night 10). And most prolly squeeze in as many reads as I can. But I will have to start for my exam on Sunday. So, I might not get done with all of these. So, whatever. I am tired....

Happy Reading.
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