BooktubeAThon has ended.. And I failed at it this time around. :/ I had some chores and errands and also some shopping to do.. As I wasn't reading much there weren't any daily updates. :/ Anyway, the breakdown of days...

Day 1:
Read 2 chapters of Seveneves. And went grocery shopping.

Day 2:
Read 1 chapter of Seveneves. And had guests over so was busy with them. Started The Young Elites.

Day 3:
Read half a chapter of Seveneves. And started a bit of The Merciless. Finished The Young Elites. Wohoo.

Challenge(s) progress: Completed Challenge 3.  

Day 4: No reading. Had shopping errands.

Day 5: Started The Merciless. Did chores.

Challenge(s) progress: Completed Challenge 6

Day 6: Finished The Mericless. Started Everything, Everything and finished it. Woot. Had to go shopping again. Read nothing else.

Challenge(s) progress: Completed Challenge 1 & 5.

Day 7: Read a little of Seveneves. Currently on Chapter 4. And didn't try crazy reading anything else. Was tired.

Overall Books Read: 3
Overall Challenges Completed: 4

Everything, EverythingThe MercilessThe Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)

The biggest problem I think was my choice of books for the readathon. I dunno what I was thinking by choosing some of the books. LOL.

One should read fast paced books and the ones that are like hyped. Haha.

Like The Young Elites was freaking fast paced and it was flipping good. I should have read other books like that.

The Merciless was also fast paced but I enjoyed The Young Elites more.

Everything, Everything was semi fast paced and quite readable and I really liked it.

Unlike last year I was all over the place this time around in my reading life. I got better in the middle and the ending days but then didn't really try at the last day. I could have, though.

Oh btw, also finished Vol. 1 of Kaichou wa Maid Sama by reading 1.5 chapters on the day this readathon started much.

SevenevesMaid-sama! Vol. 01 (Maid-sama!, #1)

Not gonna do the total page count this time around or wait I should..

Page Count: 123 pages (Seveneves), 320 pages (Everything, Everything), 279 pages (the Merciless), 336 pages (The Young Elites), 50 pages (Maid Sama)

Total Page Count: 1108 (which isn't bad considering, LOL)

Anyway, this other read-a-thon started today.. #5Books7Days by an instagrammer... I am forgetting her name. I dunno if should join his or not. I do feel like joining it though. Also, Bout of Books 14.0 is happening next week. And I have this strange urge join that too. Let's see if I do or not.

How did you all do?

Ok then, bye for now..
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