A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. MaasI knew ACOTAR would be amazing as the Throne of Glass books had been but I still had my expectations at a low as I didn't want to be disappointed. And guess what? I definitely wasn't. In fact I was blown away and gave up on my sleep to finish this book. Hahah.

I haven't read a Beauty and the Beast retelling before and I enjoyed this take on it. Even though the first half was a bit slow it was engaging enough. And then the second half began and the pacing changed completely and it was all intense. I loved the ending. And I am excited for the next part.

I loved Lucien, Tamlin was okay but Rhysand-- I am on his team.. And I think I overlooked the fact that I didn't really feel Tamlin and was kinda disappointed by his lack of presence in the 2nd half of the book. :P

Also, loved that sort of POV switch between Feyre and you know who..! I loved the whole dark court business and the deal made and the tattoos. And I think Rhys is our guy as the cover features the tattoos. Thehe. But then again this is a B&B retelling soooo.. Hahah.. Also, we have had connections between our lead and the supposed villain before hence my rating will see to that fact. LOL.

“Because your human joy fascinates me—the way you experience things, in your life span, so wildly and deeply and all at once, is … entrancing. I’m drawn to it, even when I know I shouldn’t be, even when I try not to be.” 

Queen of Shadows is coming out soon and I still haven't reviewed Heir of Fire. Gah. Next order of business among other things, then. 

Also, gonna go research about ACOTAR2..


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