#BoutofBooks14 WRAP UP

 Bout of Books 14 has ended. I had a really good reading week. I didn't get to do the daily updates this time around nor the challenges. :/ Other than that all was good. 

This is how I did during the week...

My GOALS were:
Read more than I have been able to 
Read 2 books
Read up to 4 graphic novels
Read up to 2 hours a day
Read any book that strikes me fancy :P

What I accomplished:
I did read more than I had been able to... 
I read 5 books.. 
I read 2 graphic novels and 1 manga. 
I didn't really read 2 hours each day but I caught up to the hours in two days. So dividing it was 2 hours each day. :p
I did read books that weren't on my TBR. I decided to not read Seveneves cos it is a slow paced book and I did the mistake of starting it during BooktubeAThon and so I decided to not continue reading it.

Anyway, these are the books I read:
Illuminae by Amie KaufmanThe Secret Fire by C.J. DaughertyThe One Thing by Marci Lyn CurtisThe Little Red Fish by James MoffittAshes by Mario CandelariaMost Likely to Succeed by Jennifer EcholsThe Boy Most Likely To by Huntley FitzpatrickMaid-sama! Vol. 04 by Hiro Fujiwara

I didn't read anythign yesterday. My last reading gig was on Saturday I read Maid Sama's Vol. 4...

I had alotta fun. Hope you all did great as well. :)

Until next time,
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