Monthly Wrap-Up #35

The past month was apparently a graphic novels and manga's month.. Haha. Hello, btw. And let's welcome August into our summery existence. Goodness.

I read 12 volumes of a manga series and finished it. Way to go. Woot. Read 2 volumes of another manga. Woohoo. Started a new series by reading a single volume in the graphic novel category. And read 2 solid novels. One of them an ARC. I read other things too but these are the ones I managed to  finish. Teheh. And let's get into the deets now...

So. my month began by reading my first ever Picoult book Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult. My experience with Between the Lines was a-okay. Based on one solid, really cool idea, I had problems with how it was brought to life. But I know this isn't really possible so shouldn't hold it to that. But I am going to anyway. LOL. Gave it three stars.

I began the manga drive by reading volume  Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 2 by Sui Ishida and 東京喰種トーキョーグール [Toukyou Kushu] 3 by Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul. I want to finish the manga before watching season 2 of the anime. I watched the first season and read the first volume of this manga last year. Love it. On volume 4 now. 4 stars each.
Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan has been making waves in the booktube and goodreads community, I thought I would give it a try. It as good, I guess. Don't really have a strong opinion on it, yet.

Finished the Ao Haru Ride manga series this past month. Woot. Read volume 2 アオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 2 by Io Sakisaka through 13 アオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 13 by Io Sakisaka and had a blast. Read volume 1 and saw the anime last year. Want to review the whole series on my wordpress blog though. Hoping i can get to it soon.
Vol. 3 to Vol. 12:  アオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 3 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 4 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 5 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 6 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 7 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 8 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 9 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 10 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 11 by Io Sakisakaアオハライド [Ao Haru Ride] 12 by Io Sakisaka.

Another Day by David Levithan was a surprise honestly, in both ways, having gained this copy and also that this was happening. I thought this was going to be a sequel but it turned out to be a companion and from Rhiannon's POV. It was good but Every Day is the best.

Apart from these I did start reading Revenge of Seven and tried to finish You Should Have Known. But never did get to be done with these. Haha. Also, started Kaichou-wa Maid Sama's manga. Only 1.5 chapters to go in Vol. 1. And also, read the They Are Not Like Us graphic novel. Read two other books. I guess you will see all of thee in my Aug TBR.

Reviewed Titles:
Between the Lines
Another Day
Blue Lily, Lily Blue
The Ruby Circle

That's it then.

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