All The Boys and Alienated...

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)When I had first seen the cover for this book and even before the cover reveal when i had seen the title, i had been...'i want to read this...' The cover had made it all official. But I was still hesitant and on guard...I have read Jenny Han's Summer Trilogy and i would give the whole trilogy a 4 star rating. They were fine books and one would like when in that certain fluffy, cheesy, contemporary mood. It has its usual real life drama.

Anyway, back to To All The Boys, before reading this book and even before its release i thought this was going to be a stand-alone but it's a duology and i am looking forward to the next and final book now. I dunno if its going to be from Lara Jean's POV or would it be from Peter's (just like Gayle Forman does in her duologies). It shall be seen. Excited.

The beginning to this book- prologue of sorts had me immersed, then when the book finally started i didnot like the way the book was being narrated. Anyway, when chapter 6 came around i had been alert again. Okay, the plotline is simple really , it has been seen before - the sister (Lara Jean) in love with her elder sister's (Margot) boyfriend (Josh) and when he finds out that the little sis of his gf, likes him, he goes like you should have told me or whatever and the girl, well, she is like it was temporary, i am in love with someone else- in this case it's Peter. The different and unique thing - those letters that Lara Jean has written to each of the boys she has liked.

I enjoyed the moments between Peter and Lara Jean. I was finding LJ sort of annoying but not really. I loved how LJ was with Peter. Haha. I enjoyed reading this book as it was CUTE and fun, too. Stick with it if you fail to get annoyed. I liked the letters, btw and I had guessed way before about Kitty. (highlight it)


Alienated (Alienated, #1)I loved loved loved this installment by Melissa Landers. I was expecting a typical human and alien love story but it was not a typical love story. Okay, i dunno if this is a spoiler or not but i was really surprised to know that Alienated was the name of Cara's blog where she was supposed to highlight whatever she learned from the alien student exchange program fellow.

The book was a dual (third person) POV book alternating between Aelyx and Cara's narration but it wasn't like the whole chapter would be from their vantage point, Aelyx's view would be shown in that same chapter after the usual way of chapter break. And I liked it.I really liked Aelyx- he is such a funny lad. I would like to meet them. Teheh.

When I started reading the book, I was on guard and then Aelyx came and then he was thinking something not good in terms of trust and I was curious. I had fun reading this one. The pacing was awesome. I loved the confrontation and those moments between the two.

The last few chapters when things got intense on the riot front (yes, riot, hello humans won't accept aliens just like that), were amazing. I love how the cover shows the difference in colors. And I loved how things played out at the end and i will wait to read the second book when it comes out in February next year.

I enjoyed reading both of these books. They weren't just love stories especially the latter one.
Much Love.
Happy Reading.

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