Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked

Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)So, I finally finished listening to this audio-book that I had begun listening to back in 2013. I went on a road trip this past Saturday and decided to be done with this fab audio-book once and for all.

Born Wicked follows Cate Cahill's story in a world where magic is termed wicked. We have the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood. The Brotherhood are against magic and the Sisterhood are those who have given themselves to the Lord and wont marry into the society and work in harmony with the brotherhood but they have a bigger agenda which is revealed as the story progresses.

Then there are two love interests in Cate's life: Paul (her childhood friend) and Finn (newly hired gardener). I am on Team Finn if anyone was wondering. LOL.

The story is told solely form Cate's POV. So, I liked it and i loved listening to this audio-book. I loved this first installment and after that awesome ending i am soo ready to dive into the next book soonish. xP

I love the world Jessica Spotswood has created. I wouldn't wanna be a part of it but i would like to meet these ladies still. I loved it. And the audio-book enhanced that effect. I loved how Nicole narrated the guy's character's.

I dunno what to expect from the next book. Things were not good at the end of this book. Can't wait to dive back in. I loved the sister trio especially Tess.

And guys this book has action which will look so good if a TV show or a movie were ever made on this. And guys those Finn and Cate moments. Gah.  I can listen to this audio-book again if not I will surely be reading it.

Happy Reading.
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