Rachel Vincent's The Unbound Trilogy and Rogue

Blood Bound by Rachel VincentYou all know how much I love Rachel Vincent's YA series Soul Screamers. They are fabulous books with kick-ass characters. I believe it was during the wait for the final book in the series to come out when I started her Shifter series. I had quite liked the first book Stray and this year I have decided to read the series in its entirety. I have started the third book in the series but haven't been actively reading it. Shifters and Unbound Trilogy are both adult series by Rachel Vincent and I love how diverse each world building is. I think I am enjoying the Unbound Trilogy more as I am kinda hesitant about werewolves/shifters nowadays.

Rogue carried all that relationship drama between Marcus and Faythe after certain revelations in the book and that whole scene covering more than a couple of chapters was soo cool. Haha. I still dunno which team I am supporting as I don't really remember the first book that much. And this book did refresh some of the memories from the first book but suffice to say my interest for the book only increased after that particular revelation about Faythe's Ex and the reaction by the Alpha. I liked the ending and I still think I need to get that push to really fall for this series and be captured by it. We shall see how I stand on this series.

Shadow Bound by Rachel VincentI started the Unbound Trilogy and was blown away by the first book in the trilogy. I was so awestruck by the whole bounding business. I liked the different dual narrators in each book. They would make cameos in each book. And I liked how in the finale everyone was involved and given more screen(page) time.I loved all the narrators Olivia, Cam, Ian, Kori, Sera and Kris. All the side characters were also amazing. The first book Blood Bound introduced us to Olivia and Cam and all that binding business. The world building was soooo ridiculously cool. I was blown away. The ending was also jaw dropping and I started reading the second book right away. I was expecting to see it from Olivia's and Cam's eyes and I was like, noo, I want to know more about but then I saw the world through Kori's and Ian's eyes and everything was alright and then Cam and Olivia showed up and it was more fine and then everything was fine in the third book when the thing that happened at the end of book 2 introduced us to the fiesty narrator related to one of the evil people from these books in book 3. These books had awesome twists, excellent pacing, swoon-worthy relationships not only among couples but between the families and friends. I loved this trilogy. I give the whole trilogy five stars and these books individually get 4 stars. I loved each book in the trilogy but i think Shadow Bound gets the first place. I have soo many passages and quotes highlighted.

Rogue's Rating: 

Trilogy Rating:

I am going to leave you with a teaser from the third book. Just Cause. xP

Read this trilogy if you haven't and if you still haven't read anything by Rachel Vincent I seriously recommend you remedy that. 

Happy Reading.
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