Marni Mann's Pulled Beneath

Pulled Beneath
Read for Review
Read in March' 14

My first ever Marni Mann book and I am glad I got to read it as I was introduced to a new author whose works I am willing to read. I like the cover for its simplicity and it shows the story will be melancholic and/or wistful (peaceful) or along those lines. The story is told solely from Dew who got her life thrown in shambles when her whole family dies and she finds herself the estate owner back in Maine from her deceased grandparents. Already reeling form the shocking death of her parents and now finding out that her grandparents were alive and her mom hid this whole side form her. She is willing to travel to Maine and handle it. Originally wanting to sell the house she finds herself getting swayed by all the past revelations and neighbor Saint. Read to find if the two are
pulled beneath their pasts or not... :p

The pacing and the storytelling was good and I can easily picture everything. This is what I like about contemporaries. I liked Drew and I could feel her love for photography and swimming. I liked her friend Gianna and all the other side characters. I will be checking the next book out it swirls around Rae and Brady. And that excerpt at the end of this ARC was quite good. I am anticipating it.

Although I wasn't wow'ed by this book I still liked it and that was only because I didn't dig the romance between the two leads. And maybe also there was too much baggage for both the leads. And I wanted something light. It had its light moments but it was more about grieving, acceptance, forgiveness which was awesome.

 If you haven't checked anything out by Marni you can check this one out.


I was approached to review this book and thank you to Booktrope Publishing for the opportunity.

Happy Reading.
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