Alyssa Rose Ivy's Search (The Empire Chronicles Book 2)

Search (The Empire Chronicles, #2)
I have said before that i don't like this cover but side by side the two covers don't really look bad. I would still love to have this cover changed but i should focus on the good things about the cover such as the background and the matching typeface.

I read the first book Soar back in November of 2013. I had liked the first book okay. While reading i remembered the major things form the first book but i had forgotten about that drama between Jared and Casey. Haha. I am team Jared btw.

He is out of the picture now which is good but I like Jared anyway and I am sensing a potential Vera and Jared hookup in the upcoming book. I really loved that little exchange between them. It will be cool if they get their own book or if the next book in the series its solely from their POV.

Btw, I like the multiple POVs going on in these books already. I think Casey and Toby are in a somewhat good place after this installment and now it's time for all the focus to be on Jared and whatnot. LOL. But i know it's far from over for Casey and Toby. Casey's growth was so evident in this installment.

I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next after that ending. My interest for the series is still on.

I gave this one 3.5 stars.

Thanks to the author and publisher for this ARC.

Happy Reading.
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