The Unbound and My Life and the Coldest Girl

The Unbound (The Archived, #2)I have procrastinated reading the sequel and most prolly the final book in the Archived booktology. D: 

This book was as amazing and jaw-dropping as its predecessor. I love Mackenzie and I love Wesley and  I lovve this world and I love Victoria Schwab.

Incredibly written, intense,an  un-put-downanble book. If you want amazing-ness in your life you should get on this series. That's all I am saying cos I think I can't really write a great review for this. I dunno how to. 

I will only tell you I love the relationship between everyone- the characters are awesome. This installment has Mac going to school which was awesome. She underwent some craazy sh*t in this book- someone was freaking setting her up. Wes, I love you. LOL. 

Read these books, you guys. It was freaking intense and amazing and I will keep on repeating myself if I continue. Gah.


The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
My first ever Holly Black book. And I when I started reading it I wanted to keep on reading it. I knew this book was about vampires and I liked that they were those original vampires that we have known since long these other versions of vampires came along. These cold beings can die in the sun and all that. 

Coldtown is a restricted area where these cold ones and those who are junkies and /or runaways live. The book was told from Tana's perspective. She helps her Ex (Aidan) and this vampire dude (Gavriel) from this party she was at where the former two were locked in. All the others are, you can say, dead. D: Anyway, she helps them and during that Tana gets bitten and she thinks she is going to get infected and so she goes off with these two and two others who they befriend during a stop they made to Coldtown. Well, they get there and they find out who the vampire really is.Well, he likes Tana- no surprise there. 

Anyway, this book was really good and it kept me hooked. I liked this world that Holly created. It's a dangerous world. I liked everyone at least the ones that were good to Tana. xP I will be reading more Holly Black as this one was great. 
My Life With The Walter Boys

Ugh, this book was such a boring reading experience. I thought this was going to be like Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys. But it was nothing like that. 

It's very famous- this book, as it was first published as a wattpad book. I think one can read it that way as then then the chapters end on mini cliffhangers or something and you really forget what you didn't like. 

I dunno. I felt this book was lame. All these characters were unbelievable and not in a good way. I kept on reading and skipping pages and going like ugh. Such.A.Drag. The author tried too hard. 

Read at your own risk. I dunno why I gave it two stars. Grr. Rip-off and not a good one. 

Happy Reading.
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