Elisabeth Grace's Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect (Limelight, #2)I haven't read the first Limelight novel. When I was asked to review this installment i quickly looked it up and found out that this could be read as a standalone and so i opted for a review copy.

Okay, so when I read the prologue, I was like okay, let's see, a loser boyfriend. Then, the book started and Skye had that puking incident- that was sooo bad. And the author Elisabeth said it happened to her. Ah, I feel so bad for her and Skye. ---

The vibe i got from this book overall was like i was reading a version of Fifty Shades of Grey what with Mr.Grey and Mr.Steele being so alike. They weren't-aren't but I was getting that vibe. Or it was like the Beautiful books by Christina Lauren. A hot boss and an equally hot assistant/worker/colleague.

Skye was somewhat funny. Landon was okay, too. I guess as individuals I like them more. This book was told from both Skye's and Landon's perspective. There were some lines in this where I was like uh, okay. I found this book okay to say the least. I don't know what else to say. I liked it but I still can't find that one thing that made me go like dudeee.

I will be reading more stuff by Elisabeth Grace anyway as I can't really judge from for this one. The reason I am being shabby about this might be cos i was reminded of a lot of NA/A out there. :/

Suffice to say I read it and did not feel the urge to mark it DNF. That's something.


Happy Reading.
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