Jordyn and the Caverns of Gloom!!

Read in August '13
Read for Release Day Launch + Universal TBR

I read Jordyn back in March. I read it on a whim being a first Tiffany King Novel novel for me. And I didn't quite fall in love with the book but nonetheless I did somewhat like it. The reason I dind't like was the female lead's sassiness or smarth-mouthedness seemed a little too much which didn't make it seem real. And as she was doing that most of the time it made me not really feel attached to her or whatever. As for the other characters, they were okay, too. I gave the book 3 stars. Well, that was that and this is now. 

If you have read Jordyn, you must know, how Jordyn found the truth about herself. This had pissed her off and well, she reacted like anyone would do. She disappeared. I am not going to talk about what more went down in the book- you guys should read it yourself to really enjoy this series. But I gave the gist of what led to the events in book 2. I will just say read these two books before the third comes out. It is a fine series overall.

I am definitely feeling different about book 2. I liked this installment more than book 1. When I got the arc (Special thanks to the author) I just felt like reading it. I practically read more than half of the book but then I had to get up. I didn't want to get up. I tell you. The story and pacing was great. I liked Jordyn's attitude more in this book. I liked how she didn't go crawling back to Emrys like all the other broken heriones do (well, used to- whatever). It was good to see her give a hard time to Emrys. Another aspect that I liked was the journey through Caverns of Gloom. It was certainly cool to see the different creatures and Jordyn in action along with Emrys. Jordyn's taunting of the daemons was so awesomely cool (clawesome, shall we? :D). Another thing that was good was the divergence into a dual POV- Emrys's ofcourse- at one point or another. Oh and I like Anthony. 


Will I recommend the series? (hesitant) Yes!

Have you read these books? Have you read any other book by Tiffany? Which book or series would you recommend to people new to Tiffany??

Btw, I didn't know this series is a spin-off of her Saving Angel series. That's cool. Have to check it out.

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