UPDATE 5: Bout of Books 8.0

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books I've read: 5 (counting novella as a book)
Books: A Clash of Kings (196 pgs.)
                                           Total number of pages: 1,640 pgs. (1,444 + 196 pgs.)

I did the Mad Lib Challenge. It was so fun. I am 366 pages into A Clash of Kings. Which is awesome. I thought I read quite much for the day but apparently it wasn't even 200 pages. LOL.
Anyway, I still haven't read Today. And I should to be done with assigned TBR. I will (wo)man up and read it then if Clash of Kings gets to be too much.

Anyway, gonna run and eat something and read and/or watch TV.

Lemme know how you all are doing.

Happy Reading. 
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