UPDATE 2: Premieres and Finales, Sleeping & A Little Bit of Reading (Bout of Books 8.0)

So, I didn't read that much. I watched the mid-season finale of  Teen Wolf. I liked it. I had missed the Season 8 premiere of Ghost Adventures (I didn't even know it was airing this month.) Other than that watched finales for Under The Dome and True Blood as well. D: 

I caught upto my sleep. I am still tired. Grrr. But I am planning to be done with Today and If I Should Die by Wednesday. I finished reading Die For Her. I had read 47  pages the previous day so read that. I started the last book in the trilogy. >_< 
Also, as I had previously read 126 pages of A Clash of Kings over the weekend so read another 14 pages. I did the Re-Title It Challenge. Woohoo. LOL. I commented and followed blogs. That was cool.  Anyway, the breakdown for the day is as follows:

Number of books I've read today: 3 and a novella
Total number of books I've read: 3 (counting novella as a book)
Books: A Clash of Kings (14 pgs.), Today (4 pgs.), Die For Her (13 pgs.), If I Should Die (14 pgs.)
Total number of pages: 743 pgs. (698 +  45 pgs.)

I am confident I will be fine and actually follow through with the set TBR for the challenge. (:

How was it for you guys? How are you all faring?

Good Luck.

Happy Reading.
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