Weekend TBR 4

Hey, August has been off to a good start already. I have completed a book: The Forsaken. Woohooo. Anyhoo, these are the books I am planning to read over the weekend.

I love this cover by the way. I started this yesterday and I will be making my way through this over the weekend. It had some funny instances so I am still reading.
I started reading this today. I think I read 5 chapters already. I will be making my way through this as well either before or after I am done with Seating  Arrangements. 
This was in my TBR last weeknd as well. I think I will listen to this over the weekend as I listened to 4 chapters today. I think I am on the 33rd chapter. There are 48 or something. I don't have my iPad right now. 
What are you planning to read over the weekend or what have you planned as your #FridayRead?? Lemme know.

Happy Reading.
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