Book Haul 1

I have accumulated quite a handful of books. This post is for the physical books. I bought some back in May and June. The ones I broughtbefore have been read and a couple have been reviewed. xP The recent have been for this month.

My Wicked Lovely series is now complete. And I have started reading the last book already. Once I am done, as I promised I will review the whole series.

I am one book short in the Song of Ice and Fire. None of the stores in the area had the third book. So, I will be making another trip to get that book as I have to read that in order to get to the other books. Duh. Or I can wait as the 6th book comes out in 2015. I took a week each reading the first two books. I can still be done till that time comes. So, I dunno what to do. 

 Anyway, I made a blunder. I wanted to buy a physical copy of Robin LaFevers' Grave Mercy as I have the audiobook. I picked it up even though the cover was different. I came home and saw it was Grave Memory and not Grave Mercy. Bahahah. If it had been the first book in The Alex Craft Novels it would have been fine. But it is the thrid book. I think I just saw the Grave and went all grabby. LOL. Will have to buy the rest of the books in the series.

Bum bum. Planning to make another trip to the store tomorrow. Hopefully. 

My Teaser Tuesday post is up next along with more hauls. >_<

Happy Reading.
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