Getting Ready for the Bout of Books ReadAThon!!!

Hey, Bout of Books begins at midnight. Woohaa. I have stopped reading A Clash of Kings since last night. LOL. I have read only 126 pages. It is ok. I think I will be able to finish it in this readathon as I am in a reading mode. I began Small Damages as well. Halfway through. God. I hate me when I just start another book. I can't contain myslef. I just have to read more than a book at a time. Gah.

Anyway, I have gotten my snack supply ready for the readathon. Some Lays, Doritos and the likes. Drinks automatically included. And some fruit galore as well. Gaha.

Playlists have been  to be set up. They will just include some pumpy music thta goes well with the book. I am planning on starting the readathon with Until I Die. I am reading this because of Jules. I want to read that novella so bad and just be done with the trilogy. The third book is out, right? And yes, just checked.I hope I can like this more than I liked Die For Me. Read my sad review, here.  After that I plan on reading The Age of Miracles maybe. We will see. 

So, I will just go and set up the playlists according to each book. And what not. Finish Small Damages maybe. 

How are you getting ready for the ReadAThon??

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Reading.
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