WRAP-UP: Bout of Books 8.0

Bout of Books has ended. I am kinda sad. But it was a good reading week before uni starts. I finished reading 3 books from the assigned TBR. I read 4 books outside my assigned TBR. D: My total page count is not 3000 pages. Hahah.
Before, I list my bout of books reads. Let's see how I did for the last day of the readathon.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total number of books I've read: 6 (counting novella as a book)
Books:  A Clash of Kings (545 pgs.)
       Total number of pages: 2185 pgs. (1640 + 545 pgs.)

These are the books I managed to read:

The Revenant Books got 4 stars each. With The Age of Miracles getting a 3 star rating. Midnight Frost and A Clash of Kings got a four and five star rating respectively. 

Books I started but didn't finish:

So, I didn't really feel Today. I read 19 pages only. Small Damages wasn't really a bout of books read but I started it right before the  readathon began. So, it was just one less book to read if I had finished it during this readathon.  I wish I had finished these and more books. I would have done a 3000 page total then.Well, no regrets. D:

I participated in two challenges: Re-title It and Mad Lib They were fun. 
I followed quite a few blogs and went comment-loving. Ehehe. 

Thanks to everyone who followed and visited me during the readathon. 

There is a Monster Review-A-Thon coming up. I might just do that. D:
And also, will b e participating in the Bout of Books 9.0!!!

How did you all do?
Leave behind your wrap-ups. So, I can check 'em out.

Thanks for reading.
Happy Reading.

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