Weekend TBR (6)

Last weeknd I tried this new thing about handling just that one book that I picked to read and would procrastinate reading it for unknown reasons. It worked and I actually finished that book over the weekend. Check that post out

This weekend I am going to do the same thing and read only a book. This weekend it is a huge book. And I have only read 28 pages. If I don't finish it (I can only do that if I read like really crazily) but I know I won't make myself go to those ends so I wil continue reading it for the Bbout of Books Readathon that is happening Monday.

I dunno there is something with these books (I have only the first to compare the reading experience) but I feel hesitant about readng these. I keep getting angry at the characters. I only don't like them after watching the show and reading makes it more detailed- my hate for them I think- the reason as to why I hated them. Anyway, I won't really try to finsih this but if by some miracle I do that will be like huge.
So, good luck to me. This book is like 911 pages. I have read huge books but with its font size, well, gosh!

What are you planning on reading over the weeknd? Also, are you taking part in the Bout of Books ReadAThon? Lemme know.

Happy Reading.
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